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Hey Rocky how are you feeling brother? Hope and pray all went well for you...
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Hope all went well Rocky - Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Get well Rocky...
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I will be off air for a for a couple of days for medical reasons
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Joined: 11th Jan 2016
Rank: --
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18th Apr

So as you can see as of March 2017, I am on the top 3 players of this server. however this server is a hellhole of admin abuse. Do not expect to escape being hunted down even in your own team's base from the admins (BLUFOR are the admins). They pretend to not be abusing their powers, but it has been 3 instances where we've blown an admin trying to kill us to shit (one with 125mm tank cannon, one with a 35mm autocannon, and one with just crashing an a10 directly on said attacker. DO NOT join this server. If you do however ignore my warning (which is fair given I'm one person) be afraid when the admin named "{PST} Nobody" joins. He is the main abuser. others will likely only troll you by being invisible and shooting small arms at you. (btw you can still see them on the map if they're invisible). The admins will also complain about you blowing up their armed vehicles if they drive or fly near you in wasteland... I don't even need to explain that. So in conclusion if you like a small concentrated playerbase this would be a good server. but don't expect admins to be any less than cancer (no insult intended, just a verbal description). If I personally remove this message then I will comment saying it has been resolved by an admin or owner that acts like an adult and does his job. I am Really disappointed in the insanity and I'm willing to work with anyone who can resolve this issue. 2/10 as a rating

Posted by lordpants
Joined: 26th May 2016
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Likes 7
19th Apr

Its my understanding there is a lot more to this than what is written. Its my understanding that this lordpants was on the server earlier and cursing out both NOBODY and Maverick. Now I don't know who these little punks are but it is happening a lot more on other servers also from reading the A3Wasteland forums. One person I know for a fact got sick and tired of these little brats always whining and crying admin abuse that he said he had enough of it and shut down his server. What these "KIDS" do not realize is that 1. they do not pay for the server so for them to come on the server and curse out anybody they want is uncalled for, period. I do not curse whatsoever, and you will never ever hear me curse and if I ever, ever, ever see person curse anybody out on any of our servers they will first be kicked. Then if they come back they will be warned if they do it again they will be banned, period. 2. These kids are taking for granted what is giving to them and they feel its their RIGHT and that is what is wrong with this generation. Its about ME, ME, ME and well I for one am tired of it. So from this point forward, if any player disrespects an admin in anyway I am directing all admins to first kick the player then if they come back crying and whining admin abuse then ban them, period. We don't need a bunch of these "crickets" and I say this because they are annoying, on the server disrupting the gameplay and last disrupting what we have going. Sometimes what we see is not always the whole truth and what these jokers write on forums is not always the truth either and they always write one sided posts. Not once did lordpants ever say he was cursing both NOBODY and Maverick out before the incident started so its my opinion before the incident elevated he should have been kicked and most likely banned. Sorry but this is the truth. I will never and have never disrespected anybody who is or was older than me, ever, that is the way I was brought up and a lot of these youths have a lot of learn about life because what they sow now I can promise you they are going to reap throughout their life unless people show them what they are doing is wrong!!!
Joined: 17th Jan 2016
Rank: Rocky
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22nd Apr

I just saw this post and Lordpants was on the server.  He complained because Eags was sniping him.  He complained when I flew by and saw people at the vehicle store and I blew up his plane.  He complained when I gave him a new plane.  A day earlier I was doing a mission and they were also on the same mission - he complained about that.  I asked him to come into T/S to talk about it and instead he kept the abusive language up.  The whole episode ended with him and him buddy typing all sorts of derogatory remarks toward me and Eags, and ultimately with a whole slew of anti-Semitic foulness.  If I see him or his friend on again I will ban them both.  This is why I have been using the Alexandrovich profile.
Yes, there was one instance where he shot me down, I bailed out, he shot at me in the water and I had forgotten to switch back to vulnerable (I had gone invulnerable when I delivered the jet to them outside their base). 
I don't go onto the game forums, I don't have a lot of interaction with the guests on the server other than to kill of be killed.  That's what the game is about.  Just because I am a member, I should not be able to play the game?  I refuse to be bullied by a foul mouthed young person.  I guess this is what they call cyber bullying, but I am not a child and will not be intimidated by a child.  I would like to have my two cents work on the message site where I was abused, but I also don't want to sink to a juvenile level.
If anyone wants more information, feel free to ask me in T/S.
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Joined: 3rd Jun 2016
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25th Apr

honestly he is a big (female genital)!
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