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just a few ideas that could improve the server
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13th Apr 2016

So there are a few things i have noticed that could possibly be modified or even added to improve the server a bit, anyhow, here they are..

* Have a Z axis (up and down) movement when placing objects, as when standing on another object for example,  the concrete slab, when standing on it and trying to place another down so its level with the one your own doesn't quite work, it goes down to about 1-2 ft from the level of the object your standing on. Something like say this _ is the platform you are on, when trying to place another, it goes like _-- if you get my drift.

* Skydiving from 1000ft when using a spawn beacon instead of spawning on the ground, eg outside your base. That way it gives you the chance to parachute directly into your base.

* This idea is more about keeping the server lag free etc, player owned vehicles, get put into a 'virtual' garage, complete with anything that may be in inventory, 'garages' could be added to the general store (1 car garage) with the option when driving in, to store the vehicle, retrieving it would make it respawn in the garage.

* This idea came to me after Riggy got shot down while flying a heli by AI, myself and progrim were in the area and decided to help look for Riggy's corpse so he could retrieve his inventory, but to no avail.
With how the death marker popps up, what if a smoke grenade gets created about 2 minutes after death, near the corpse. Possibly be toggled on in the player menu along with your desired smoke color. That, or automatically set a waypoint for the person who just died to point them directly to their corpse..

* Option to skydive from any spawn (toggle-able in player menu).

Anyhow, its just some ideas, comments welcome.
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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