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Joined: 26th May 2016
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24th May 2017

I've been keeping up on both servers and well they are not being played on that much. I don't understand we give players pretty much everything and what other servers have the ability to have bases like we do? Yes there is object/vehicle parking but that is not the same as having a base. Players just do not come to the server and well it got worse after the servers were shut down back in April.

I tried to resolve this by paying for the server out of my own pocket and this is not an issue. I figure I would help motivate people in donating by telling Rocky I would foot the bill. But I've come to the conclusion that people just does not care anymore. People want, want, want but in return they do not help out.

So its with great hardship that I am done with paying for the servers, updating Wasteland Altis and Australia and I am going to be moving on.

I tried to make it work after Rocky shut down the servers by bringing them back online hoping people would wake up because I knew this group was hanging by the end of the rope but its not working out in my humble opinion.

So for me this is the last post I will be writing on these forums and I will not reply to any post after this and once I log out I am done and I am going to move on. Sometimes its best to just stop what your doing and move on because myself I can feel and see that people just have given up since the servers were shut down back in April.

I appreciate Rocky for everything you have done for these guys and for allowing me to do what I have done. I am glad you gave me that chance to exercise the part of my brain that got so relaxed because of the medical issues I have been through. You top notch and with all the money you had put in all the times that funds were short I thank you because without you the servers would have been shut down a long time ago.

As for everybody else my only advice is that if you expect to play and have a group server donations is a must and one person should never, ever have to foot the bill. Don't get me wrong I have the funds to foot the bill each month but its the principle of donating.

So with this I leave you in peace and I hope and pray one day you guys finally get things going but I just feel that it will not happen as long as people do not donate each month.

God Bless,
Joined: 3rd Jun 2016
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25th May 2017

See ya doc have fun what you do now, See you in some arma game later maybe!
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