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prawnhead 22nd Jan
hello all, i wonder if anyone remember me
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Joined: 12th Jan 2016
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28th Jan 2016

Time to stir up a hornets nest what is the point of Blufor on our server i thought it was for clan members to play together as a team.If we become blufor then when on our server we should play as blufor.If for instance we needed to make an admin would look bad if a person on independant made it or would they just go to Blufor make it and then go back Before you think this is because of yesterday riggy its not it just highlighted it for me that if someone has acepted blufor we should play as them on our server.
Joined: 17th Jan 2016
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29th Jan 2016

Looks like you hit a nerve with this one m8,how strange no replies.....................
Joined: 27th Mar 2016
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27th Mar 2016

Hey guys. Good to see ya. If I may offer some advice. No matter what faction you are on, if you make proper admin decision and the player base knows and comes to trust your decisions, then it doesn't matter. The only people that might have an issue are the ones you've admin'd and well, it doesn't matter if they feel shirked about it. Just keep doing the right thing and all will pan out.

Just my two cents. Too many times in the past, issues were made to be over complicated and hindered PST to the point of hamstringing it. Don't get caught in that cycle again.

Again just advice from experience. Hope you guys are doing more than awesome!!! Cheers...
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