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Coming back………
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Joined: 26th May 2016
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24th Nov 2017

Well believe it or not since I quit playing Arma 3 I haven’t been on my computer except only to pay my bills the first of each month… I quit playing because the Veteran Affairs HAD me on so many types of medications that they were hurting me more than helping me… Since I have left the VA receiving my medical care elsewhere I have lost 35+pounds and have went from 260 down to a now 236 pounds…This shows the VA was killing me slowly with all their medications and I’ve decided that since Florida now has the medical marijuana I’m going to test out this area to help me with my pain issues…

Anyway I’ve decided I’m wanting to come back playing but I rather play with you guys than anybody else… I actually miss you guys and well when I do come back I’m going to have a server I’m going to lease myself and pay for it… I will never ask for any donations nor will I accept any donations…

Anyway I want to apologize to you guys for the way I left it was nothing you guys did I just had to work some things out in my life because I was so depressed because I felt very guilty for being injured and in pain… That depression no longer exists because one day I woke up and realized there is nothing I can do about it …So now I just enjoy life the best I can but I have been bored, bored to my bones…

So if I’m allowed I would like to come back playing with you guys…I will come back sometime in January as I’m going to take a two week overdue vacation during Christmas and News Years… I’m taking my family to Tennessee to hopefully see some snow as they never really been in snow being down here in a Florida…

Think about, discuss it with each other and talk it over with Rocky… I have already sent a Facebook message to Rocky so he already knows…

God Bless and hopefully I will see you guys in January!!!

Last Edit: 24th Nov 2017 by WhatsUpDoc
Joined: 17th Jan 2016
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30th Nov 2017

Nice to hear from you so soon Doc Glad to see your getting your medication sorted out at last .Will look forward to seeing you soon then mate if I do not see you before the holidays have a great Christmass and even a better New Year ,God bless all.
Joined: 26th May 2016
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Likes 8
9th Dec 2017

I’m going to install Windows back onto my PC today and will get on TS later… Right now I have Mac OS X installed on it as a hackintosh which I’ve been doing for years since Mac started using intel CPU’s… But I have even been on my PC since I quit playing… I have a 12" IPad I do all my browsing on… I will get on TS after I reinstall everything…

Either way I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a good new year…
Joined: 17th Jan 2016
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9th Dec 2017

Nice one Doc all the best to you and yours.See you on TS
Joined: 26th May 2016
Rank: --
Likes 8
10th Dec 2017

I'm on and installing Arma 3 again. Missed you guys a few minutes ago by minutes I guess as I seen you were on but after I got TS3 installed I joined and boom you guys were gone, unless I was seeing ghosts...

Its been months since I've played, I cannot even remember so bare with me as I am now a newbie once again.

Joined: 26th May 2016
Rank: --
Likes 8
12th Mar 2018

I haven't been on lately because I decided to tell my doctor I am tired of the pain medicaitons. So I quit taking Morphine ER over a month ago. SInce then I began testing with Florida Medical Marijuana Compassionate Use Program/Law. So I am now weaning off the Oxycodone, slowly, then once I am completely off of that stuff then I will only be using the marijuana. Well truth be known, I haven't touched anything like this since the very early 90s whenever I last touched it. I went into the dispensary wanting something to give Energy for morning to mid day, then something to help me sleep all night. I came out leaving with the Morning strain, mid day strain, a night time strain called 9lb Hammer along with of THC 10mgs and Cannabis oil. That stuff kicks my butt big time but I haven't felt this good since 2009...It actually takes away the pain and helps with depression .
Joined: 3rd Jun 2016
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11th Apr 2018

That's amazing man. Good thing you're doing so much better. I'd love to be playing right now with y'all but I capitalized on the cryptocurrency craze and got 400 bucks for a rx580 and so I've been stuck on integrated graphics, but as soon as I can get a GPU for somewhere close to MSRP then I'll be back on with you guys.
Joined: 26th May 2016
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5th Feb 2019

Well this topic didn't go as expected!!! LOL....
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Joined: 3rd Jun 2016
Rank: --
Likes 2
18th Feb 2019

Man I miss playing with you guys, that one summer I played nonstop was the best fun I've had. Major rip for PST. The nostalgia is insane just looking back at this forum, god there were some good times I had here ).
Last Edit: 18th Feb 2019 by camell513
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