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I have a new idea
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Joined: 26th May 2016
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27th Dec 2016

I know some of you have been wondering why I have not been playing lately. At first I just got bored of playing Altis all the time over and over. It really gets old and to be honest it easy to get burned out playing the same map.

So I had this idea, why don't we rotate maps maybe once every two weeks or once a month. I am NOT talking about adding TANOA to this list either since some of the peeps who play on the server does not have Apex at this time.

I am talking about adding custom maps. Currently I am working on a Wasteland for Australia from here ---> ... page.php?id=28882

The Island is 40km x 40km which is 1600Km squared, to give you a comparison Altis is 270Km squared.

Australia Map is THE LARGEST map in Arma 3 currently. Does it cause any lag? Nope, as maps themselves do not cause lag, its the items we add to the map in the editor (bases) and items (weapons, ammo boxes, etc...) that we use during the game play. Basically any item that is in the database and has to be loaded during game play.

One main question people will have is how do I download these maps. There are few ways they can be downloaded:
1. Arma 3 uses its OWN launcher and it will do its best to find the map for you on the steam workshop and 99.99% of the time it will find the map and download it for you after you subscribe to it on the steam workshop.

2. The launcher will help you find it on the internet if it cannot find it on the steam workshop, by bringing up Google or whatever your default search engine is within your editor.

3. I will provide a link to each map here on the forums. I can tell you now that I obtain my maps from Armaholic. This is where I find most of our addon scripts.

I can tell you there are hundreds if not thousands of maps for Arma 3 on Armaholic waiting to be used.

As of right now I haven't found anybody utilizing the Australia map for Wasteland. I can tell you that 98% of the time the reason they don't utilize other maps is because the server owners or nobody in their clan knows how to convert Wasteland over to other maps. I can tell you that it is very, very easy but its only time consuming. The reason is because, for me, I have to move markers in the right places such as all the town markers (these are all those towns that have the blue marker over each town), then I have to edit the proper size of those town markers then rename the town to the proper town name. Then I have to move the mission markers and find places for them and then after this I will have to create waypoints for each mission that uses waypoints.

Like I says its not hard its just time consuming. Think about this, once just one person converts a Wasteland map I will let others know on Arma 3 Wasteland forums that I have converted this over to Wasteland and people will come on the serve to test it, play it and then once they download the PBO they will most likely add it to their server. The more servers that have this map the more people will play it.

Understand people actually get bored very easy and I can promise you there are others who are bored of Altis and would like to play other maps, this is why there are more playing Tanoa currently than Altis because its different and its newer.

I will most likely be done with the Australia map sometime early next week if not before this, it depends how much I work on it.

Anyway I would like some input from everybody, blufor and anybody else who plays on the server.

EDIT: One question I just thought of that I know will be asked is about Bank Money. Well we can do this one of two ways.

We can most likely share the bank money between the rotated maps or we can start out fresh with zero balance on each NEW MAP only, meaning once a map is rotated TO if you never played this map before you will have a zero balance to start off with. But, once the map is rotated out and then back again you will have that balance you left off with on that map.
Last Edit: 27th Dec 2016 by WhatsUpDoc
Joined: 26th May 2016
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27th Dec 2016

BTW I started off with Australia as a dedication to Rocky!!!! 

Joined: 21st Mar 2016
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28th Dec 2016

I think its a great idea, I'm in.  I also get bored with the same map also but don't like stratis or tenoa  that much.  Let me know how I can help

Joined: 17th Jan 2016
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28th Dec 2016

ok go for it;Just lets hope we do not have the same problems with Arma 3 with the new map........
Joined: 26th May 2016
Rank: --
Likes 7
29th Dec 2016

Going to have problems until BIS fixes what they mess up on these updates!!! Like this last update where the track vehicle's motors are still running after destroyed can only be fixed by BIS as their last update broke it.
Joined: 26th May 2016
Rank: --
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29th Dec 2016

BTW I don't think I mentioned this. If you were to get in a car and drive around the island, next to the water, it will take you 40+ minutes your time. This is how big the map is!!!!
Joined: 26th May 2016
Rank: --
Likes 7
29th Dec 2016

1. Town Markers Completed. Will work on placing the stores tomorrow or Saturday morning.
Joined: 26th May 2016
Rank: --
Likes 7
1st Jan

2. Stores are moved and completed. This was actually a lot harder than appear. Wasteland creator originally moved the stores by editing the mission.sqm. That was because back then we only had the 2d editor but now we have the 3d editor its actually changed. So I had to get help to figure out how to move the stores and it was a simple code change in the storeOwners.sqf.

Next I will work on setting up all the mission spawns. I've already have the water missions set up. Then I will have to create new waypoints for the land missions like Altispatrol and any other convoy. Then I will move and or create more ATMs. Getting there.
Last Edit: 1st Jan by WhatsUpDoc
Joined: 2nd Jan
Rank: --
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2nd Jan

Honestly Im all for it as long as money transfers over and the maps save so I dont have to restart every 2 weeks. Another suggjestion: What if you have 2 servers, one being Altis and one being Australia. That is, if your server can handel 2 Arma 3 servers. It probably can if you set both players to maximum of ten but see my post on the new topic I created talking about a lot of different things about the server, and one of them being maximum player count.
Last Edit: 2nd Jan by The Phantom Fighter
Joined: 26th May 2016
Rank: --
Likes 7
10th Jan

well believe it or not I almost had the Wasteland Australia completed last night. Then what do I do. I opened a blank Australia and not thinking correctly I saved as right over the one I was working on.

I keep a backup but I didn't back anything yesterday that I did so I have to start all over from where I left off Saturday. Crazy stuff and whenever your tired its not good to work on maps...
Joined: 26th May 2016
Rank: --
Likes 7
11th Jan

Okay the Territory Captures are completed, for now. If you know of other places to place more Territory Captures please let me know. We don't want them in just open areas, its best to place them where are buildings and structures. Open areas can be a death trap in ways. The new server has been updated with the territory captures.

I am currently working on adding Access Teleport Points to the tall buildings in the large cities. Not all tall buildings will have these access points but a lot of them will, in each city. What the Access Point Addon does is allows you to walk up to a door and you will teleported to the roof of the building. In order to get back down, you can just go back to where you entered the roof, usually in front of a none accessible door or you can jump and parachute down.
Last Edit: 11th Jan by WhatsUpDoc
Joined: 26th May 2016
Rank: --
Likes 7
11th Jan

Okay Access Teleport Points have been added to a majority of the large buildings that does not have door access. New Server has been updated.
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