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prawnhead 22nd Jan
hello all, i wonder if anyone remember me
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New Altis Server Bug...
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Joined: 26th May 2016
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19th Jan 2017

It appears on the new Altis server that certain track textures are not loading on tanks and artillery that have certain textures loaded onto them.

I just read this has happened before and it was found to be a netcode issue with Arma 3. Untested, the only thing I can think of on how to fix this is to take your vehicles back to the vehicle store and purchase the texture again. Like I said this is untested but I will test it out myself.
Joined: 26th May 2016
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19th Jan 2017

Okay I tested on re-texturing vehicles and then restarting the server. Same thing.

So I am going to do a fresh install of the server to see what happens.
Joined: 26th May 2016
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19th Jan 2017

Okay after 5-6 of searching through everything I found the issue. MySql does NOT like to be transferred "live" for some reason. I never had this issue until the other day whenever I originally transferred the database to the new server. I didn't know there was an issue until I joined the New Altis server and seen vehicles with custom textures were missing their custom textures so the vehicles looked invisible and you could only see the wheels or tracks.

So I found out that within the database the path in the database was corrupting and leaving out the backslash within a table field. Example its suppose to read like this for each and ever vehicle that has custom textures:


But instead during the transfer or migration attempts the fields were appearing like this


After talking with AgentRev over at Wasteland he suggested that I dump the data then import them into the new database and well that fixed the issue. So, as a precaution I will once a week dump the database so we can have backups. It only takes a few seconds to do this so its no issue whatsoever.

So, as of right now the old altis server has been shutdown and as of 15 minutes ago all data was dumped from the old server and imported into the New Altis Server. All vehicles and money and everything else is there on the new server.

There is no sense of having both Altis servers running and trust me you will get way, way better FPS on the new server.

Also anybody who saved any vehicles on the Australia server, sorry those vehicles had to be wiped. Trial and error my apologies for that.

The New Server is up and running is named the same as the old server, no more {PST} New.
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