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prawnhead 22nd Jan
hello all, i wonder if anyone remember me
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Spawn Money/Rope System/Building System/Other
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Rope System/Spawn Money/Player Limit

Yay! Ropes!
Boo, I like floating stuff!
20k was better.
5k is better!
10 players is good!
But 15 Players are better!

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2nd Jan 2017

I need some clarification on why spawn money is now 5k not 20k. Personally I think its a good change but why did it happen?
2nd: Rope System. Why remove the old system and R.I.P. flying tanks with hummingbirds. Also why is there a script to make the default rope system using ctr+b have the ropes break all the time? This is a script as in vanilla or any other server the ropes have never broken on me. That system can barely lift anything but its more convinent than getting out of the chopper so un-nerf that if possible.
3rd: With the building system could you guys add it so we could buy dock piers, you know the really huge ones. It might be overpowered for base building but you could make them cost a ton to balance that out.
4th: Why limit the player amount to only 10? I like low-pop but having it be so that up to 15 players would be great.
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3rd Jan 2017

1. The money was setup to $5k because capture territories and hiding dead bodies were increased. It was "too easy" for somebody to just come on the server and buy a tank then die then respawn with $20k then die again. These folks need to earn their money, not just spawn in just to buy tanks just to die. No fun in that.

2. The ROPE system was setup because players were going over other players base within OPFOR and the white bases, hovering their helos just to glitch to pick up the base locker. It was happening too many times. Also the ROPE system is more realistic. If your rope is breaking it could be the you need a larger HELO or the server lagging. I never had this happen to me.

3. The pier you are talking about can't be purchased because you cannot pick up a pier wall with the current R3F system that is set in place. Also we don't want pier walls all over the place. This is why I created pre built bases. Find one and lock it down.
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3rd Jan 2017

Last I've been talking with Rocky who is the server owner about moving over to a dedicated server where we will have our own server. It costs $$$ and if people do not donate to the server we are wanting to get then it may not last long. It costs money to have your own dedicated server that is not shared by other people/clans/groups/gamers.
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